What's your favorite chocolate?

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Flavia.lm 3975 1 9 91
Question: What's your favorite chocolate?

Easter is coming up and there are tons of chocolate eggs in the supermarkets. Which one do you prefer?

- I prefer bittersweet/dark chocolate because it is less fat and I'm on a diet;
- I like white chocolate with almonds;
- I like the basic milk chocolate
- I like chocolate bars and chocolate eggs, but I don't like Nutella.
- Any, I'm a chocoholic!

Now it's your turn!
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18 respostas
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w.slayman 110
Brigadeiros are my favorite chocolate, but I love any chocolate, and brand, anytime and anywhere. I even use two big scoops of Nestles in my glass of milk, and I dunk my chocolate chip cookies and chocolate doughnuts covered with chocolate icing in the chocolate milk. Does this mean I am addicted to chocolate and that I am a chocoholic? :o

Oh My God, is there a cure? :? While I wait for an answer, I think I will eat a Hershey's double size chocolate bar, maybe it will help me calm down. ;) :lol:

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I really like chocolate and I eat a piece of it almost everyday.

Once I have Celiac Disease I only can eat gluten free chocolates and this mean some difficult to find it.
But here in Rio Grande do Sul exists an amazing factory in Gramado that produces some of the more smooth and delicate chocolates I ever ate.
It is called Do Parke chocolates.

About Nutella, fortunatelly I still can eat it. :) I think the mix of chocolate and hazelnuts is perfect.
But in Brazil it is a bit expensive, don't you agree? I eat it only around twice a month... :cry:

Gustavo Dias 25
I'm like the most people: I love chocolate.

The best day of the year to enjoy all of those delicious candies, is on Easter. On Easter, there are every kind of chocolates to eat on the Easter eggs.

Some of my favorite chocolates are the "casadinho" ("brigadeiro" chocolate mixed with "beijinho"), and truffles.

joannaromano 30 1
I am definitely a chocoholic!

ENG_rafael 10
I am chocoholic too, since I discovered that I exist!
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I like chocolate, i think it's a good dessert. I prefer bars and eggs that containing nuts or ceral.
I have an advise for who wants to buy eggs, wait for after easter day, probably you will get a good discount.

Raffael Mattos
well i like all easter eggs and this day is perfect for eat candies , but i think the better chocolate is anyone cacau show.

gilgomes 10
I just like chocolate, dosen't matter if is dark chocolate or white chocolate, brigadeiros and chocolate cake are the best way to eat chocolate, but if I have to choose one chocolate I'd choose dark chocolate

felipeh6 2250 7 55
I really prefer some "white chocolate" :!:

By the way, can I called it "white chocolate"?

yagoag 20
I love ANY kind of chocolate, but I'm currently obssessed with SHOT - Lacta's chocolate, composed originally by milk chocolate with peanut, now there's also a white chocolate version.
Usually I prefer white chocolate to milk one and I don't really like dark chocolate cause I think it's too bitter.

BiahCane 15
Any, I'm a chocoholic! If chocolate is great! :D
I love chocolate!

Diego Francora
I like white chocolate. Yeah, definitely.

i love all chocolates

Jerry Dorien 1505 3 39
I love chokito made by Nestle, they`re very crunchy and delicious.

I like chocolate to milk .. is perfect !

Chocolate is just perfect =).
My favorite is the white one.
I love it.

Everybody. Is it chocolate? It's my favorite.

Ancrispa 2555 8 57
My favourite chocolate is milk chocolate with almonds.

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