What’s your favorite TV show/series?

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Question: What’s your favorite TV show/series?

Examples of answers:

- I love Friends because the characters are very funny!
- I like to watch Two and a Half Man. I think that watching series is a very good way of practicing listening skills.
- I prefer the Brazilian “A Grande Família”.
- I like Ugly Betty because I identify myself with the character.
- I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Dawson’s Creek (loved this one!).

Now it’s your turn!
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I liked brazilian series, with "A muralha", "Maisa" and others. I like "A grande família", "Profissão repórter". But, what I like more are soap operas.

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Lost really increased my vocabulary, and I've learned a lot of expressions (specially from Sawyer)

Uhul! Nice topic!
Tv Series are one of my favorite things in the world. Let me see the ones I like the most.

Today, I have to say my favorite serie is House MD. Not because of the medical stuff. I don't like that, hehe. But because of House's sarcasm, and sense of humor. It's really, really, funny. And the serie has a perfect scenario.
But, I think the best serie I've ever watched was Friends. Those characters/actors captivate me, for good. Especially Chandler. Haha!

Well, I think this is it. Although there are still many series I like.

See you later, Flávia! ;)

Hello there!

I like to watch Supernatural, Smallville, House MD, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead. I love movies and series.

I like a lot, I watch these series:

Grey's Anatomy (I love medicine! It's so interesting!)
Gossip Girl (A lot of gossips in NYC, great to learn slangs and idioms of the upper society)
The Big Bang Theory (Very funny lol)
Supernatural (drama and suspense)
Kyle XY (used esp. to learn English, I watch it in english with english sutbtitles, later, with no subtitle. Simple language, easy and a few slangs)

I watch all of them on Saturday. But Kyle XY I watch more times a week, to learn english frequently.

the big bang theory is hilarious. it's, by far, the best tv series I've ever watched.
and now, there's walking dead, it came out last tuesday, and it's really grabbed my attention, i believe this is a series worth watching.

I love watching Tv series! At the moment I watch:

-Family guy (I love it! the best comedy show I watch)
-The simpsons (It's nice but family guy is better)
-American dad( just cool)
-The vampire diaries (It's really good! I can't wait for the next episode)
-Supernatural (Awesome, though this season is not so cool)
-True blood (Looking forward to the next season, can't wait, One of my favorite shows)
-Boardwalk empire (This one is nice! Everyone should watch! There isnt any other serie like that)
-Gossip Girl (Nice)

All of them in english with subtitles in english.
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I miss "Star Trek: Deep Space 9", "Battlestar Galactica" and "Spartacus: Blood and Sand" for the very same reason: the clever plot.

I like "House, M.D.", "CSI", "The boardwalk Empire", Ridley Scott's "The Good Wife"... and I really love "Glee"!

"Glee" is a very original idea that can be described in one word: happy. No matter how the scene looks (funny, sad or dramatic), it always feels happy. Great songs, great dance and great acting with a funny writing. :mrgreen: