Which English certificate test should I take?

Well at first let me explain my needs so you guys can help me out with this terrible doubt I've been facing. I've been studying English since when I was 10 years old at Fisk and stopped at 17 (now I'm turning 20 next month) on the last book. Since when I dropped off the English course, I started getting in touch with English in a different way, using all my English structure I already got, studying grammar from a lot of different websites and listening to podcasts and other sources. But I've been feeling since I left English school that I need something that proves I really know English and if it sometime in my live turn out to be necessary.

I tought TOEFL IBT would be my best shot but it seems to be for those who want to study abroad and that's certainly waht I do not want (I'm finishing Law University course and studying abroad is out of the question).

So I need you guys to help me out here:

1) Should I take some specific test like TOEFL


2) Should I go back to FISK and fish the course to get my certificate.

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Tough crack to nut, oh no! I mean this is a tough nut to crack!

It depends on many variables...for example:
-If you dropped out because you had to go to college, now that would be different? Or you would increase your workload? Chances are that you miss two targets with one shot!
-Do you feel that the course is intelectually challenging enough for you? You will learn more things or will drag because other learners in lower levels have the teacher attention? Well, I/we here don´t know.
-Knowledge doesn´t occupy space, the more the merrier, one certificate more could be a difference between get a job, a promotion, or doing some task, depending on to company/department you work with.

And other factors...
Anyway, if you feel like going for it, and getting that certificate, do it. Perhaps you have some time to study, it wouldn´t be a problem for you.

I don´t know for sure, but it seems as though, one way or the other, you are going to study a lot (TOEFL-oriented or if you are back to Fisk) and with Fisk have a permanent certificate, whereas the TOEFL is valid for 2 years. TOEFL is used widely when someone wants to travel, study abroad, etc.
However, withouth much information is hard to suggest something, and even if we do, it´s you that eventually has to weigh the pros and cons of that decision.

I will leave the ball in the experts´ court now.