A different self of you: Está correto?

In the sentence "We have two identical worlds that exist at different times and at different speeds. In each world, there is a self of you", is the last part correct? Could you please suggest any other way to say it? I feel there's something odd, but I can't put my finger on it.

Tks so much!

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EugenioTM 5 26
Hello Sally,

Let me know if I perceived the right meaning you originally intended for the last part of the setence: You are present in both worlds/ In each world there is a version of yourself.

The way you phrased it sounds strange to me as well. If these setences I just mentioned convey the original meaning, you can use them!

Enjoy your studies!
Hi Eugenio, tks for your help. Actually, I did not write it. This text in Portuguese was translated to English and I'm revising it, but sometimes I come across quite strange sentences. The problem is that the text in Portuguese is awful.
TRANSLATED: We have two identical worlds that exist at different times and at different speeds. In each world, there is a self of you. One of them, according to Malet, is faster and the other is slower.
ORIGINAL: Temos dois mundos idênticos que existem em tempos e velocidades
Diferentes. Em cada mundo, há um eu de você. Um deles, de acordo
Com Malet, é mais rápido e o outro mais lento.

I simply don't know how to say that in English, lol
EugenioTM 5 26
"Em cada mundo, há um eu de você" is to me a very convoluted setence (hard to understand). Maybe there is an error in the wording of this setence, let's wait for the opinion of other collaborators.
Yeah, but at least I know that I'm not the only one who has problems with it. Tks so much.
Bryan Philpott 2 18 109
"In each world, there is an alter ego of yours, a different self."

Alter ego may be clear enough on its own, but "an alter ego, a different self" makes it a bit more clear that they are talking about a purely abstract concept.
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PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
My gut instinct tells me that "a different" self would do there, Bryan. I mean, like there was two "personas" or "two essences" (personalities of you) that could be equal, different (Dr. Jack and Hyde) or alter ego.

'Alter ego' in the sense of "carbon copy" or an "identical you" in the provided sentence.

The thing is, alter ego has some of the definitions on wordhippo:
Someone or something that is visually identical to another -
Clone, double, twin, duplicate, image, look-alike, match, replica, evil twin, second self.

It's puzzling, to me, that it could mean something neutral and also something bad "evil twin".
Anyway, I am tempted to strike out the "evil twin". Because I think the sentence might have been of some self-help author trying their hand at translation, that is, to writing in English.

Now the hot potato (cough, cough)!...the ball is on your court Bryan and advanced learners. :-)
Tks so much, Bryan and Paulo, you helped me a lot. Now, if you allow me to, I'll offer your views to the "self-help author trying their hand at translation" (Yes, Paulo, you nailed it!), lol. I'm not a native speaker, so, sometimes it's difficult to know if the text is "extremely good" or "terribly bad". Tks again.
Given the original version, I would write "In each world, there is my version of you".

It reminds me of the TV series Dark, in which the character Jonas is a kind of version of Martha in a different world, and vice versa.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Now, if you allow me to, I'll offer your views to the "self-help author trying their hand at translation".
Ha ha, Sally, feel free to. :-)
Sorry, I didn't mean to be judgemental, it's a fact of life...how many times I myself have made terribly bad mistakes? Please don't answer that, I would be ashamed, ha ha! Ces't la vie, it's life, win some and lose some.
A learner has to try their hand over and over, practice makes perfect. We can 't be so hard on ourselves.
Your writing could be understood, if I can understand something without having to work hard to get the point it's good enough.
That's why we are here, to improve our work and that of others. And have fun in the process... :-)
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