A little joke

Jerry Dorien 1565 4 41
Hi friends,

Vamos ver se alguém sabe essa!!!

Como chamamos "elevador" nos Estados Unidos???

see you.
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Jerry Dorien 1565 4 41
Hi friends,

R= the same way we do in Brazil, it's only press the button.

see you.

Alessandro 3575 3 11 83

A galera ficou com medo de arriscar.. :lol:

Boa pegadinha


Henry Cunha 10180 3 16 182
Hi Jerry,

That was a good one. Keep them coming.

Your joke reminded me of a real story about an instrumentation technology student who was given the following problem in an exam: "With the help of a barometer, by what process would you determine the height of a building?"

He supplied not one, but three solutions:

1. Find the building superintendent. Tell him, "Mr Sup, if you´ll be so kind as to tell me the height of your building I will give you this beautiful instrument."
2. If you can´t find the sup, buy a long-enough piece of rope, go to the top of the building, tie the barometer to the rope, lower it to the ground, and then measure the length of rope.
3. If you can´t find the sup, and don´t have a rope, get to the top of the building, drop the barometer over the side, time the fall on your watch, and apply Galileo´s formula for falling bodies. Disregard friction, except for when you return the instrument pieces to your instructor.


Jerry Dorien 1565 4 41
thanks for your acceptance,

A friend of mine that asked to me in the work. He made a kind of test to me about my english, I almost threw a stone on him. K k K..

See you.