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0:23 a 0:36 - ...that you are here, huh, dancing with the stars elimination night, why is that?, because of the fact you kind of were a ...of bad celebrity dancer on television.

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dlr 1
-Please say hello to Julia Louis-Dreyfus!
-Thanks for coming!
-Thank you for having me!
-You look fantastic!
-Well thanks a million!
-And I think it is fitting that you are here on dancing with the stars elimination night, since...
-Why's that?
-Because of the fact that you kind of were a pioneer of bad celebrity dancing on television on Seinfeld, you know?
-Yes I was, I was indeed.
-Do you get asked about that a lot?
-Yes it is actually the only thing people stop and ask me to do.
-Really? They want you to do the Elaine dance?
-Yes they do.
-Well, let's look at a clip of the Elaine dance for those of you....

-It looks a little bit like you've backed into an electric fence or something.
-Yeah.. well actually you know I was given the script and it just said 'She danced badly'. And so it was the night before our table-read in rehearsal, and so I just stood in front of a mirror and I came up with a few things that I thought looked horrible. And then I came downstairs to the kitchen and my mom was visiting, and my husband Brad was there and I said 'Ok so you guys vote: which looks the most awful?' And they voted for the thumbs and the kicks that were sort of flat-footed.
-Well they made a good choice. They really did.
-Yes they did.
-So.. but are you a good dancer?
-I'm a wonderful dancer.
-You are a wonderful dancer?
-Well, no. I'm not a wonderful dancer. I can dance.
-I'm such a bad dancer, I couldn't even do the bad dance. Like, in order to dance badly I'd have to try to dance well, if I tried to do the ... it would look like I was fighting or something... or drowning.
-Yeah, 'cause that's what it looks like, when I was doing that dance, it looked like fighting or drowning. But the.. very often when I go to parties or weddings or whatever and there's dancing, and I get on the floor to dance, I definitely feel eyes on me.
-Oh really?
-And you never throw 'em a little of this?
-Never! I'm so cool and fabulous!
-I don't blame you. Now, your sons are evil children aren't they? Because they..
-They are evil children
-They plotted against you..
-They plotted against me. And by the way, Michael Bulton get's to be in on a bit with you and I get punk'd by your.. my family and your freakin staff.
-You umm.. you should have raised your children better. I guess..
-I suppose so.
-When they handed you the rock it didn't really phase you. I mean, my mom would have bounced that rock right off my forehead.
-No I was waiting for the significance. I thought there was going to be a part 2. You know what I mean? It never came!
-Like 'You are our rock. You are the rock of this family'?
-Something! Yeah it was... exactly! It was a symbolic gesture of sorts. Apparently it wasn't at all!
-Well in a way..
-And they went running out, and then they were laughing, and I was like "What's going on? And why are you video taping me?"
-You know that's how it goes when your in a house with all boys I guess.
-Yeah I suppose.
-Did you... have you ever given your mother a terrible present?
-Um actually, not a Mother's Day gift, but once my mother had the flu or something for a really long time, so I made her a card when I was about 8 and it said, "Get well soon, Mommy" and there was like a picture of a flower or sun on the front and then you open it up and there's this picture of a kid going like this, and it said.. and I wrote, "Because I'm sick of taking care of myself!"
-That's cute.
-Yeah, isn't that cute?
-Very self-centered as a child. I didn't even get my mom... I had my eye on a Wonder-mop my sister and I saw it on an early infomercial or something.
-A Wonder-mop?
-And we thought 'Oh Mom will love this!' but we didn't have a credit card so we needed to use her credit card to buy her the Wonder-mop. And I don't think I've ever seen her angrier than that. She was like "You're going to buy me a mop for Mother's Day?" She really was not very grateful at all!
-No I don't think she should have been grateful.
-It was an incredible mop though, it did everything!
-Did it really?
-It really was unbelievable
-Except please your mother!
-Except please your mother, that's the one thing it didn't do!
-Right, exactly
-Well what are you gonna do... so ok.. so, now, you had this terrible thing happen to you.
-Well the star thing, the Hollywood star
-Oh I thought you were gonna punk me again!
-You're about to have a terrible thing happen to you. No... The, um, the star... you know, in fact, maybe we'll... let's take a quick break and when we come back we'll talk about this. You're suing the city of Los Angeles?
-I am, yeah.
-This is gonna be good! Julia Louis-Dreyfus is here. The New Adventures of Old Christine, ????, the season finale is tomorrow night on CBS
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