Can you live without your cell phone?

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Avatar do usuário Alessandro 3250 3 10 77
Mari 08 escreveu:Of course no!

Hi Mari,

Just a suggestion. I would say "Of course not". With T at the end.

See you!
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My cell phone is all for me, i need so much to send sms, calls, conversation with friends,invite for walking in the city and call to girls to do something.It's very good. I need access the websites, journal, dictionary and the cell phone has all.
Avatar do usuário Frank Florida 210 5
I still don't have a smart phone... I own the most simple Nokia phone there is, and I actually don't think it can do much more than make calls and send text messages... but hey, not that I would *mind* having an iPhone. ;p

But yeah - I don't think I could live without being able to send texts. It's really the most convenient way of staying in touch when you're out of the house.
Well... i may say that with my cell phone, yes. I can live without it. It's an old mobile, with not so much resources and a little bit cracked on the outside.

But, if i can reach my new iPhone next week, i will be back here to change this post and share a more happy message. :)

No I can't! I keep my smartphone with me all the time and I'm always looking at it to see if there's any message on msn or e-mails. Its awful, I can't relax. I'm seriously considering turning it off and get a normal phone, without internet. :|
Totally. I have one but never really use it.
I think it's pretty hard live without a cell phone, but sometimes I left home just with the bus cards and some money. It's like computers, some day we just can't stand anymore. That's my view
i can live without problem only for a couple of days without a cell phone !
I never thought about this subject.. but in the actually moment that we are living i cant imagine to live without my cellphone.. Its something that i never thought before but so true..
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No, I cant live without my cell phone. I use it for word and personal live.. Receiving emails, txt, phone calls.. everything! Its part of my live.