Can you live without your cell phone?

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Sure, can live without one cell phone.Because I don't have one same.Before anyone don't have cell phone and don't die for it. I ask why now is different? ;)
I can live but I can't work without.

I really hate my corporative cell phone, because usually it rings during the night or on holidays and weekends.
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I think I do.
But this will be hard, because most people continue using, how to communicate?
In the XI will be very dificult.
Yes, sure. I have cell phone only to call with my friends, parents, girlfriends and I don't use facebook or whatsapp..
thank yyou

Well, I think I could live without a cell phone (to make calls) but not without a smartphone anymore.

I use the maps to drive, the notes, the email, the social medias, to play songs, the games to pass the time, the search...

Actually, I don't know how could I do this tasks without my smartphone :cry:
Of course, I can, I don't need him, I don't work by cellphone
Of course. Everybody can, but cell phone is very important for us. It's very necessary in some works.
Sure. I don't use it much.
I think no.
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Yes, of course! It's stranger speak that can't... O.o