Can you live without your cell phone?

Sure, can live without one cell phone.Because I don't have one same.Before anyone don't have cell phone and don't die for it. I ask why now is different? ;)
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I can live but I can't work without.

I really hate my corporative cell phone, because usually it rings during the night or on holidays and weekends.
I think I do.
But this will be hard, because most people continue using, how to communicate?
In the XI will be very dificult.
Yes, sure. I have cell phone only to call with my friends, parents, girlfriends and I don't use facebook or whatsapp..
thank yyou

Well, I think I could live without a cell phone (to make calls) but not without a smartphone anymore.

I use the maps to drive, the notes, the email, the social medias, to play songs, the games to pass the time, the search...

Actually, I don't know how could I do this tasks without my smartphone :cry:
Of course, I can, I don't need him, I don't work by cellphone
Of course. Everybody can, but cell phone is very important for us. It's very necessary in some works.
Sure. I don't use it much.
I think no.
Yes, of course! It's stranger speak that can't... O.o
No, I can't.
Absolutely! I think i'd just miss my games and stuff lol
No it´s really imposible, the last week my cellphone was stoled, then I was crazy.

It´s true my english?
I think it is hardly to me because in my job it is necessary
No, i can't. Because I need to my cell phone to work. To send emails and other things.
Maybe. But I need my cell!
Well, I could absolutely live without my phone. However, people can't accept the idea of not being able to reach me whenever they feel like it. In order to avoid the same old discussions, I carry my phone with me all the time, but I barely ever look at it!