Como dizer "Abandono afetivo" em inglês

Como dizer "abandono afetivo" no contexto jurídico, como por exemplo um pai que deixa de amparar e educar o filho ao longo de sua vida. Esse tipo de abandono pode acarretar um pedido de indenização por danos morais. Obrigado.

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There are four types of neglect: physical neglect, medical neglect, educational neglect and emotional neglect.

Emotional neglect: Failure to provide emotional support, love, and affection to a child. Exposure of a child to spousal, pet, or drug and alcohol abuse.

In a way affectional neglect seems like having some intersection with that meaning of emotional neglect, but let´s say it´s more on the field of the emotional well being itself, that is not in the field of (above) actions.

Thus, answering your question "emotional/affectional neglect can be found in psychology literature, for example.

Anyway, I must say that law in America, for example, deals differently with the subject. If you read around the internet you will see that liability per se is not much the goal there, they deal with it at the very childhood in the field of psychology instead.
If I am not mistaken, of course. It wouldn´t be much of a surprise, though; since I am not deep into law, I am just an English learner with an opinion here.
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