Como dizer "aleijado" em inglês

Adriano Japan 2 20

-Hey, Bronze, look at you...

-...a cripple and a mute!

-He sings and l tap-dance!


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Thomas 7 61 290
Adriano, your word is corect but it is not "politically correct". It sounds offensive. incapacitated person, a handicapped person, a disabled person, a physically chalenged person, etc.
Adriano Japan 2 20
The word in portuguese can be offensive also. Better learn it, but never use. ;)

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Como dizer "portador de deficiência" em inglês
Thomas 7 61 290
"Gimp" and "crip" (cripple) are other words to avoid in the USA.

"Impaired" is acceptable. The vision impaired, the hearing impaired...

Instead of saying "deaf and "mute", before people said "deaf and dumb". ("Dumb" is another word for "mute".) Can you imagine how offensive that must have been?