Como dizer "andar de barco" em inglês

como falo andar de barco em ingles? Obrigada evrybody

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5 respostas
Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Olá Yara,

1)Ride a boat
2)Travel by boat


1)They decided to ride the boat at dawn.(Decidiram andar no barco ao amanhecer.)
2)Did you ever travel by boat?(Já andou de barco?)

Boa sorte!
Thomas 7 60 288
to go by boat
to take a boat

I would avoid "to ride a boat". The phrase exists, but it's rarely used. If you check Google, you will find it is often used by non-natives. If you go to a park that rents little boats, you can say "We road a boat" or "We road in a boat." Other than that general context, don't expect to hear a native say he road a boat to the island, he road a boat across the lake, etc. It sounds strange to our ears.

Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Hello Thomas,

I´ve just checked an online dictionary produced by native speakers and I could see that "ride" is acceptable in this case,but I really believe that I´ve got to consider your opinion as a native speaker and also the fact that we´re exchanging information for the sake of learning and helping other people,suggestions like yours are precious for this fórum.Thank you so much for your contribution.You can also use this fórum to produce your own tips for us.Keep posting!

God Bless.
Thomas 7 60 288
I cannot respond to things you only refer to. What was the context? What was the actual use?

I can assure you that no American native speaker (unless he suffers from brain damage) is going to tell you that he rode a boat from Rio to Buenos Aires. Maybe he took a boat, maybe he went by boat, maybe he sailed (on) a boat, but he did not ride a boat.

He might tell you, however, that he rode a bicycle or rode a horse last weekend.

Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Hello Thomas,

I meant to say that from the beginning!You didn´t notice it but I said "ride" and "travel".I´m sorry If I didn´t make it clear.

Good luck!
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