Como dizer "Arriscar / Correr riscos" em inglês

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Olá pessoal,

Não existe apenas esta maneira de se dizer "arriscar", "correr riscos" em inglês, mas ela é bem comum. Vejam:

A) I think we'd better not take any chances. (Acho que é melhor a gente não correr riscos.)
B) She doesn't want to take any chances. (Ela não quer arriscar.)
C) Don't take any chances. (Não corra riscos.)

Obs: É claro, o termo "chance" pode também significar oportunidade/chance.

Best wishes!
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Just another related expression, which seems quite similar to the Portuguese "correr o risco"

To run the risk (of doing something)

  • If you publish those classified documents, you run the risk of pissing off the American government. Think about it.
  • When you speed, you run the risk of getting into an accident.
  • If you drink and drive, you run the risk of being pulled over by the cops.
After writing these examples, I noticed it seems like the expression is used a lot in conditional contexts "if / when". Hmm. Interesting.

Hope this helps a bit!

- Josh

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To take a gamble: Correr um risco

In that sense, what Rowling has done, however admirable her intentions, was less risky than it first appeared. She took a gamble when she wrote as Robert Galbraith, instead of under her own name, but she admits that the chances of keeping the secret were "incredibly remote". The Guardian

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Outras opções:

A. Risk a lot: arriscar muito

- ''Big life decisions are like all-in moves at a poker table: you're risking a lot, maybe everything.'' [The examiner - USA]

B. Risk too much: arriscar demais

- ''We have risked and are risking too much." Some volunteers, he noted, were returning to Serbia complaining of poor treatment by the Vojvodina authorities.'' [ - USA]

C. Risk a little: arriscar um pouco

- "I had to risk a little more than usual. If I got defensive, I had no shot. She's one of the hardest hitters on the tour.'' []

D. Not risk much: não arriscar muito

- ''So readers don't risk much if they decide to pay up.'' [ - USA]

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