Como dizer ''Assumir um relacionamento" em inglês

Como falar Assumir um relacionamento sem medo ?
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Dependendo do contexto, eu usaria alguma dessas formas: "I assume a relationship without fear", "Take on a relationship without fear" ou "To assume a relationship without fear."
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Mais algumas:

"I've brazenly started an amorous relationship with my gorgeous, unmarried neighbor."
"I've brazenly developed an emotionally appropriate relationship with the lady that had beaten me to the panic button."
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It could also be expressed in the following words: "to be in a relatioship without fear" or "getting into a relationship without fear" (the former express it better, though).

And there´s another situation that is comparable in some cases, the fear of commitment relationship. The one that goes well, until the "commitment word" gets into the way...and then one of them, instead of accepting he/she runs for the mountains!
Thanks a lot guys!
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To go on/be/get in/ a steadfast relationship