Como dizer "Boca do mato" em inglês

Luiz de Sá
Como dizer "boca do mato" em inglês?
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PPAULO 56735 6 43 1014
Point of entry to the woods.
In Brazil there´s a city with the name "Boca do Mato", places like Boca do Mato, Carne de Vaca, Combinado, Anta Gorda, Entrepelado, Passa e Fica, Dois Vizinhos, Sério, Paudalho, Ressaquinha, Não-me-toque. Cities names aren´t normally translated, including the mentioned above.
In the same vein, in the United States there is a city named Brazil, so we don´t translate it to Brasil. So, speaking to a friend of that city I could state that I live in Brazil but never went to Brazil.
There is also a county/town in the UK named Reading, we won´t translate it into 'leitura". :-)

Luiz de Sá
Thanks for the answer, PPaulo, but the "boca do mato" I'm talking about is not the name of a town, it's how the "caipiras" call a place where you find a sudden surge of heavy bushes, the very entrance, maybe, of a big rain forest. I'm trying to find a poetical way of translating this into English.

PPAULO 56735 6 43 1014
Point of entry into the woods (or woods entry point, or also "entrance to the woods" if you wish). But let´s wait for more comments, other members may know a more poetical expression or word for it.

Once the meadow has been traversed, then you enter the woods. The next photo shows the point of entry into the woods. ... dlife.html