Como dizer "burro de carga" em inglês

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Pack Mule = burro de carga

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Also pack ass, or even better, "pack animal".
In crosswords you can find to answer "pack animal, in Arizona" (with 5 letters) - burro. Sometimes just "ass" to "Beast carrying a pack". ... e-wild-ass
The Pack-Ass and the Wild Ass

A Wild Ass, who was wandering idly about, one day came upon a Pack-Ass lying at full length in a sunny spot and thoroughly enjoying himself. Going up to him, he said, "What a lucky beast you are! Your sleek coat shows how well you live: how I envy you!" Not long after the Wild Ass saw his acquaintance again, but this time he was carrying a heavy load, and his driver was following behind and beating him with a thick stick. "Ah, my friend," said the Wild Ass, "I don't envy you any more: for I see you pay dear for your comforts."

- Advantages that are dearly bought are doubtful blessings.