Como dizer "Carro pelado e Carro completo" em inglês

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Carro pelado é um veículo sem muitos recursos adicionais como direção hidráulica, vidro elétrico, roda de liga leve, freio ABS, ar condicionado, etc. Carro completo, claro, é o oposto disso.
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a base-model car
a basic model car
a stripped down car


a car with all the extras
a car with all the bells and whistles
a fully loaded car
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I bought a car with basic trim = Comprei um carro "standard" (pelado)
I bought a car complete with all the trim = Comprei um carro completo com todos os opcionais

Deve haver outras formas de dizer isso.
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Also an entry level car/base model car, sometimes actually a stripped-down car, but today but then Car Direct (a magazine) tell us that today they "can come packed with features like touchscreen displays, alloy wheels, a/c, a full complement of airbags and more.
Although shoppers may be tempted by the allure of lower prices and a desire to keep things basic, there may be compromises you may not expect."

Okay, not in Brazil, I must admit. Alloy wheels? A/c? not really. The second part of the reasoning makes sense, one has to balance things, because here sometimes it´s a big decision.
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Marcio, I like it that you brought that up. Indeed a car can be thought as more basic "mais basico" than the other, that would be a comparison made by degrees (from the entry-level model). But it would be more about the hierarchy of consumer, levels of consumer experience (sort of) than about a car being stripped down car (um carro pelado/básico [sem muitos acessórios opcionais, etc]).
With "a stripped down" car you compare it with or without such acessories, with a trim level you have a "new type of" car, sort of".

I explain, a car of same make and model would have more features added when added trim levels. Let´s pick a "Corsa" (Brazilian car - Opel, European way). Let´s say, the Corsa of a given year of fabrication (model year - take 2002-2012 for illustration´s sake) is a Hatch VHC, then it´s the basic model (entry-level).
Then comes the Hatch Joy, the Maxx, the Premium, and so on.
In the same vein, if a Honda car in the U.S. Is EX, it will be of a higher trim than a LX. And a car of Chevrolet make with a trim level of LTZ will be higher than the LS.