Como dizer "Corredor polonês" em inglês

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Português: passar pelo corredor polonês
Inglês: run the gauntlet = to race, as a punishment, between parallel lines of men who thrash one as one runs. - Thefreedictionary

  1. Banks' son, the Rev. Raymond Banks of Baltimore, remembers stories of how Earl had to run the gauntlet just to get to school. "His brothers would try to block him from going," Raymond said.
  2. The knight was forced to doff his clothes and run the gauntlet.

The original meanings of the phrase notwithstanding, the expression (to run) the gauntlet has been applied to various less severe punishments or tests consisting of consecutive blows or tasks endured sequentially and delivered collectively, especially by colleagues such as roommates. As these do not cause serious injuries, only bearable pain, they are sometimes eagerly anticipated by the initiate as a sign of acceptance into a more prestigious group. The phrase running the gauntlet has also been used, informally, to express the idea of a public but painless, merely ritual humiliation such as the walk of shame or perp-walk. It is sometimes confused with the phrase run the gamut. - Wikipedia

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Henry Cunha 3 17 182
In English, just don't use "Polish Corridor" for the same purpose. There is a really painful historical set of events linked to that term:
Funny. It remembers me an old child's prank which consists in making a double line and hit who is passing on the back. It was called "tunnel".
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