Como dizer "Costureiro Eclético" em inglês

Estou traduzindo um texto sobre a área de Costura Industrial e preciso saber como traduzir essa função.

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A production machinist. Or you could describe one, an employee/worker etc who operates various types of industrial sewing machines.

Other than that, you could be talking about one that can work in one of the the several jobs on fashion design, from fashion designer to garment cutter, and so on.
Thank you in advance Paulo. The work I am translating is a folder of courses offered by a professional education institution, specifically Industrial Sewing area and one of these courses is Costureiro Eclético. In this folder courses are cited, as wel as their workload. That's why I need to know how to say in English Costureiro Eclético.
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My suggestions:

An all-around sewer.

A proficient sewer.

PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
Another term could be "a sewing machinist" ... inist.aspx

"Production machinist" gives a more "industrial" ring to it, to my thinking. ... 22&f=false
Thank you very much!!