Como dizer "Descarregar a raiva" em inglês

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‘High-level hooligan:’ Chinese media vents spleen over US cybercrime charges

Traditionally reserved Beijing has heaped scorn on the US, calling it a ‘robber playing cop,’ after Washington filed criminal charges against Chinese military officers accused of conducting economic espionage against major US companies. ... ... y-hacking/

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Vent one's spleen
Fig. to get rid of one's feelings of anger caused by someone or something by attacking someone or something else

Etymology: from the idea in the past that the spleen (baço) (an organ in the body) was the place where evil intentions began
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Now ordinary Chinese have begun to vent their spleen at the taxman.

Immediately, there might be an increase in terrorism because when the Marxists find that they have lost out, I think they'll try to vent their spleen on everything in sight.

Instead, Gundy humiliated himself and his university just to vent his spleen.

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The Free Dictionary:
take it out on Informal
To abuse (someone) in venting one's own anger.

Don´t take it out on me if you are anger ! = Não descarregue sua raiva em mim !

cheers !
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