Como dizer "disseminar" em inglês

Flavia.lm 1 10 95

Como eu uso "disseminar" nessa frase?

"Avoiding to be rude with your collegues is a good way to __________ the purpose of this meeting"

any other suggestion?

thanks in advance

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5 respostas
Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Hi Flávia,

The entire construction is kind of awkward. It´s difficult to see how "disseminating the purpose of a meeting" can be a good way to avoid rudeness to colleagues.


If the purpose of the meeting is made well known to everyone, then we can avoid appearing rude to colleagues.

"Avoiding to be rude" simply doesn´t work, and can even convey a sense contrary to what you want. "He´s avoiding me just to be rude," is a possible interpretation -- that you don´t want.

Flavia.lm 1 10 95
Oops… thanks for warning.

The idea was to say “Evitar ser grosseiro com seus colegas é uma forma de disseminar o propósito do encontro” (o propósito do encontro é justamente fazer com que as pessoas se relacionem de forma mais harmônica, porém, alguém, durante o encontro, insiste em ser grosseiro)

So you mean that I can’t use “avoiding” in this case? Why?
What would you suggest?
“Trying not to be rude……..” is an option?

Thank you for the “disseminating”, I didn’t know that this verb exists!
Donay Mendonça 22 102 1.5k
Olá Flávia,

Uma sugestão:

Trying not to be rude to colleagues is a way of communicating the purpose of this meeting.

Boa sorte!
Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Sim, entendo melhor, uma forma = uma maneira, um jeito.

Sugeriria algo como:

If we make it clear to everyone that the purpose of the meeting is to strengthen interpresonal relations, team-work and team-building, we will automatically avoid (lead people away from, discourage, minimize) the tendency to agressive, disruptive behaviour from some people in these (our) meetings.

I think this is the idea you´re trying to put across?

Certainly "trying not to be rude" is clear in a way that "avoiding to be rude" is not. To achieve the same clarity you´d need something like "avoiding seeming to be rude." "Evitar ser rude" translates better as "avoid being rude," -- a case in which Portuguese and English really diverge.

"To be" transmits a purpose:

sleeping to be rested = dormir para estar descansado
studying to be ready / accepted = estudar para estar pronto / ser aceito
avoiding to be rude = evitar para ser rude

I think you get the idea. Hope this helps!

Flavia.lm 1 10 95
Hi Henry

The idea is not to inform about the purpose of the meeting. Note that I only told you what was the purpose for you to understand better the context.
- a meeting is happening, everybody is aware that its purpose is to talk about good-manners/behaviors among the team and ways of disseminating it in the company
- someone is being rude during the meeting
- Another person has to “remind” this unpolite guy that he should not be rude to their colleagues.

Your suggestion was great and I will take advantage of it in my text :D
But, I do have to say something simpler and more similar to “evitar ser rude é uma maneira de dissiminar blábláblá….”

Thank you very much for the explanation about “avoiding to be rude”.

Teacher Donay, thank you for your suggestion, as well.
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