Como dizer "Dizer a tabuada sem titubear" em inglês

Ele só tem sete anos e já diz a tabuada de todas operações sem titubear.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 184
He's only seven but he already rhymes off the arithmetic tables without a hitch.

(Usually people talk about the "times tables" only. No one memorizes the division table, for instance. Who would know 7/3, for instance?)

Here's a curiosity in pronunciation: arithmetic has two different stresses, depending on whether it's used as a noun or an adjective, but the spelling is the same:

Noun: aríthmetic (stress on 'rith')
Adjective: arithmétic (stress on métic)

Some other math terms are signalled with different spellings (geometry-geometric, algebra-algebraic), as well as a stress shift.
Henry, when I created this topic I thought the translation for "dizer a tabuada de todas as operações" could be "to say all (math) operations tables". Does it make sense?
Henry Cunha 3 18 184
It might be a bit unusual to say it like that, Simon, but there's nothing wrong with the English as far as I can see.