Como dizer "Dizer com todas as letras" em inglês

Pois ela me disse com todas as letras que eu não servia para trabalhar nesta empresa.

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Henry Cunha 3 18 183

He told me in so many words that I didn't suit the job in this company.

"In so many words" can mean "specifically" or "in words to the effect that".
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
She said/stated in no uncertain terms that I was not fit for the company/the company wasn´t going to hire me.

Perhaps a not so commom action, generally they interview candidates and compare their answers -basically- and skills. Then, they email letting him know their decision, not lettting him know on spot.
felipeh6 7 56

I'm not sure. Could we use "She told me that with all capital letters"?

I'm waiting your reply.

Thanks in advance!
Juliana Rios 24 105 394
Felipe, I don't think you should use "in (all) capital letters" unless you are referring to actual text in which the letters have been capitalized. I guess most people would take it quite literally.
Bill Sikes 1 1 18
She made it crystal clear that I wouldn't/don't fit the company profile.

Eu aprendi essa expressão no podcast "English Through Stories", do Jeff McQuillan.
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k

Pois ela me disse com todas as letras que eu não servia para trabalhar nesta empresa.
She told me clearly that I wasn't qualified to work for this company.

Com todas as letras: clearly

Exemplos de publicações internacionais seguras.

“He told me, clearly, 'They forced me to do it,'” Pereira testfied, “and forced me to vote for their guy.” []

''And the guy told me clearly: 'As long as you have a record, I can't pay you full salary, you have to fix this.'' [CBC News]

''In turn, they can focus on top candidates who are actually qualified to work for the company. Michael Simmons Managing Partner.''

Bons estudos.
Thomas 7 60 290
to spell something out to someone

Let me spell it out to you, young man. No lazy bum like you is going to date my daughter.

Do I have to spell it out? You could not go yesterday, you cannot go today, and you will not be able to go tomorrow. Period. End of discussion.

I am not following (understanding) you. Could you spell out exactly what you want me to do?

She spelled out in no uncertain terms what she expected of new emplyees.