Como dizer "do que" em inglês

renatho 1
Hi you guys

I have a question , How can I say 'do que' in english? Eu prefiro isso 'do que' aquilo.

Look at this example:

Eu prefiro estudar em casa do que no curso.

maybe I can say : 'istead of ' 'I prefer to study at home istead of course' can I say this way?

Well, My main question is, If There are other words to say 'do que' in english, So which are they?

Thank in advance

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
  • I'd rather study at home than at (the) school. [Eu prefiro estudar em casa do que na escola.]
  • I prefer to study at home rather than in a classroom. [Eu prefiro estudar em casa do que em uma sala de aula.]
Bons estudos.
Here a good explanation for instead of and ...

Rather than vs Instead of

Instead of - suggests that one person, thing or action replaces another. Instead is not used alone as a preposition; we use the two words instead of.
Instead of is not usually followed by an infinitive.


1). I'll have tea instead of coffee, please.
2). I stayed in bed all day instead of going to work.
3). Amit was invited to the reception, but he was ill, so Akash went instead of him.

Note - Instead (without of) is an adverb. It begins or ends a clause usually.

E.g - She didn't go to Greece after all. Instead , she went to America

Rather than - shows preference. This expression is generally used in 'parallel' structures. E.g - with two nouns, adjectives, adverbs, infinitives or -ing forms.


1). We ought to invest in machinery rather than buildings.
2). I prefer starting early rather than leaving things to the last minute.

When the main clause has a to - infinitive, rather than is usually followed by an infinitive without to or -ing form.

E.g - I decided to write rather than phone/phoning.
Eu prefiro o carro preto do que o carro azul. I prefer the black car TO the blue car.