Como dizer "Embananar-se " em inglês

To get confused/ To get mixed up

I got mixed up doing several things at once.

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Also: to get puzzled (confused).

c++ - Puzzled about backtracking in Eight Queen - Stack Overflow‎Traduzir esta página
30/07/2013 - This is when I got puzzled. If I were to track the position of the last queen (so that when I backtrack the program is NOT allowed to put the queen ...

You can get yourself puzzled in chess

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24/02/2012 - However, I got puzzled over the fact that it seems "undefined" in the DOM. ie.. .change event etc...when I attempt to select a value.... In the HTML .. programming

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3 dias atrás - 5 postagens - ‎5 autores
Since I got puzzled at how they were doing it I spent a bit of time to figure it out. You just put the healer as focus target, so his frame is on the...

while watching a movie or show...

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05/02/2010 - This week, while working a crossword puzzle, I got puzzled myself and found I couldn't come up with the right word for any of several ..

and even when you are trying to solve a crossword puzzle!
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