Como dizer "Estar em estado interessante" em inglês

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Be in an interesting condition.

- A euphemism for pregnant.
The bride appeared to be in an interesting condition.

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You are pregnant, don't you?
alexandre.santos 2 4 41
I think you meant: You are pregnant, aren't you?
Yes, the correct is aren't you.
PPAULO 6 49 1.3k
Yes, we don´t "question tag" a verb to be with "don´t. English is easy, but tricky sometimes! :P
Some likely questions: "Are you pregnant, aren´t you?" or "You aren´t pregnant, are you?"

Speaking of pregnancy euphemisms, one of them could be "she has a bun in the oven." or "she is in the family way", two that comes to mind. I mean, in gentler words. And the risqué "she is expecting", it´s a bit outdated but it can be used.
There are less polite ways, even derogatory ways, but that is not to us to learn or teach them here.