Como dizer "Fantasiar-se de mulher" em inglês

To dress up as a woman

Secretly, she would sneak off to hotel rooms to dress up as a woman – but the guilt and shame that always followed were overwhelming. The Guardian

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Thomas 7 60 288
Interesting, here the "up" implies exaggerating, dressing to impress, etc. It is much more than just putting on clothing.

We dress every morning, but we always dress up when we go on a date, to a nice restaurant, to a wedding, etc.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Technically it would (if would be "he"), "secretly, he would sneak off the hotel rooms to crossdress (dress as a woman).

I don´t see why having such guilt if it was a woman (she). I mean, wouldn´t it be expected of a woman? :lol:
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
By the way, dressing as a woman is a carnaval theme, sorta, but to the ones that dare so! mostly in carnival groups (blocos) like the "bloco das muriçocas" (carnival group of the mosquitoes") in Joao Pessoa city or others groups countrywide.
Outside Carnival time, one can be mistaken for a transgender or something like that (if seen dressed as a woman, I mean). ... 73717.html
Sour note

There was a brief sour note, however, as media reported a military police unit used tear gas to disperse a group of 'garis' or carnival cleaners who are demanding better pay and conditions.

Additionally, Rio police fined 117 people for urinating in public, local media reported.

Otherwise, relative calm reigned before the storm before throngs of locals and foreigners alike swarm the city centre on Sunday and Monday, when 12 elite samba schools will bid for the annual carnival crown at the city's famed Sambadrome.

Outfits for the elite groups can cost thousands of dollars, but Saturday's street parade participants gave them a good run for their money with a range of often risque creations.

Crossdressing among the men was a typical theme, while a group of men and women dressed as Neanderthals, who had daubed themselves in black paint, rubbed against anyone in range.

Men in nappies and fluffy pink rabbit ears, micro-skirted women flaunting skin, Barack Obama and Superman lookalikes only added to the visual feast, AFP reported.
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