Como dizer "Freguês no futebol" em inglês

O chile costuma ser freguês do Brasil no futebol, ou seja, sempre perde para o Brasil
No link, abaixo, achei uma sugestão de tradução como sendo "pushover".
Seria esse o equivalente no inglês dessa expressão?

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I would say that "pushover" is game in wich the opponent is regarded as not strong enough, they wouldn´t easily win.
But then, that affirmation it´s not based in a history of "rivalry" between the teams. It happens purely by chance.

"freguês" would be when a supporter of a team says that the other will lose, almost a certainty grounded on statistics and an history of encounters of two teams/squads etc. Or a supporter statement made out of bravado, or out of plain hopeful wishing (again based in past encounters).

That is very common in Brazil, where there are the so-called classics "Flamengo x Fluminense" [Fla-Flu], "Flamengo x Vasco ", Bahia - Vitória [Ba-Vi] and so on, where there´s such "rivalry". "Rivalry" here, I mean, the supporters going to the games in masse, watching it on TV, and rooting for it.

So, back to the crux:

O Chile costuma ser freguês do Brasil no futebol, ou seja, sempre perde para o Brasil.

-Chile has no chance of winning/beating Brazil.
-If Chile beats Brazil is an upset indeed.
-There´s no way of Chile winning Brazil.
-In a game between Chile and Brazil, certainly Chile teams is an underdog.
-Chile have never won Brazil, if they are in the finals, Chile won´t be an issue.
-Chile isn´t capable of beating Brazil, (if they are to be playing in the finals).
-Chile is incapable of giving Brazil squad any trouble in a soccer game.
-Brazil always won Chile and it won´t be different this time.
-Chile isn´t in same league as Brazil, Chile is always beaten by Brazil, it will lose again, you´ll see.
-There´s 0 (zero) % of chance of Chile beating Brazil, if they make to the finals.

[not my personal opinion here, these examples are just for learning´s sake. :-) ]
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