Como dizer "galinhas caipiras" em inglês

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I have in my backyard, laying hens, to keep the yard clean and also to lay eggs. (domestic poultry; permitted to graze or forage rather than being confined to a feedlot )

- By the way, how do I say “galinhas caipiras” in English?

- And “galinhas caipiras’s” eggs? (Which are the best and most healthy).

Bye folks

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Para dizer galinha caipira em inglês, utilize:

Free-range hen

Ex.: There are three free-range hens on the farm. [Há três galinhas caipiras na fazenda.]


A free-range hen can roam outside at will, flap and stretch her wings, have a little fly, forage and scratch in the soil or have a dustbath to clean. (google)

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Outra maneira de dizer galinha caipira em inglês:

Free-range chicken

Ex.: I am going to buy some free-range chickens. [Eu vou comprar algumas galinhas caipiras.]


A free-range chicken is a bird that is allowed constant access to the outdoors, with plenty of fresh vegetation, sunshine and room to exercise. (google)

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Ref. Wiki Poultry
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For the record, I do not agree at all that chicken be called "free-range hen”.

- Free-range gives a sense of "loose, unlimited space to go" and the difference between a rustic chicken and chicken in enclosure is immense.

For me, another term as "yokel hen" is more appropriate.

So: I get it: "yokel hen" and "yokel hen eggs"

Sorry folks. Until a second thought...