Como dizer "Louquinho para..." em inglês

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I went to close my house gate today and my son came running and I said "Você tá loquinho pra ir lá fora hein"? How's that in English?

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Hi there!


You really want to be out, don't you?
You do want to go there, right?

Pode se usar o equivalente do inglês:

be crazy about sb/sth
To be very interested in something or love someone very much:
Both my sons are crazy about old motorbikes.
Lorna is completely crazy about her boyfriend.
Source: Cambridge Dictionary

If you're crazy about something you really want that (to happen). ;)
You are crazy about being outside!

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be eager to/longing for/anxious to

long (lɒŋ)
1. (intr; foll by for or an infinitive) to have a strong desire -the Free Dictionary and thesaurus

cheers !
You can't wait to go outside, huh?
You are really keen to go outside, aren't you?