Como dizer "Luta corpo-a-corpo" em inglês

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He says he was dragged from the car and in the ensuing melee the officers repeatedly encircled him and shouted profanities.
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In truth, melee seems more like an "entrevero/briga/disputa", wich can be hand-to-hand, or otherwise. A fight, and it means a certain ado/confusion involved.

Same goes with scuffle.

corpo a corpo (be context-wise here): could be a weaponless combat where one would use wrestling and boxing fight.

So "hand-to-hand (combat)" or "physical combat" would fit.

Let´s see if others will agree. cyaz.
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Concordo com PPaulo e temos toda uma "lecture" em: http://encyclopedia.thefreedictionary.c ... med+combat

cheers !

(Wrestling) to fight (another person) by holding, throwing, etc, without punching with the closed fist