Como dizer "Mulher de respeito" em inglês

Hey people, I have heard this sentence in portuguese. I cannot think something like that in English. Could you guys help me saying something closer to this topic ?
Eu sou uma mulher de respeito.

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Outra sugestão:

"I'm a respectful woman"
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Suggestion> ''I'm a pure woman''

But await for the experts to come, they'll have more options =)
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Tough nut to crack, it could be stated in a number of ways, for example, "I am a decent woman/person, I deserve respect."
But then, it could be ''show me some respect and I will respect you, or else I will stay away from you, period !".

*A decent person would work to any person, not just a woman/girl.

Marcio, "I am a respectful woman" would mean "eu sou uma mulher que respeita/respeitadora" not the other way around, even though if you are a civil and respectful person you expect being respected as well.

And the question could be answered with other sentences as well.
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This leads somehow to the topic (or at least reminded me of it) of taking liberties without one´s green light/permission of sorts.

So, in other contexts it could be: how dare you to talk to me like this! (it would be implicit that the person doesn´t like what was said) or "I never gave you the liberty to talk to me about that subject." etc

Other times one could let you know by stating something like "you are crossing the line, by trying to flirt me, ain´t ya?"

Another past discussion:
como-dizer-mostrar-respeito-dar-se-ao-r ... 24015.html

And there are other ways, these are the ones that springs to my mind right now.

By the way, I found this one on the internet:
I am a respectful person, because I treat everyone with respect even if they don´t return the respect, I believe everybody should be treated with respect.
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PPAULO escreveu:Marcio, "I am a respectful woman" would mean "eu sou uma mulher que respeita/respeitadora" not the other way around[...]
Yes, PPAULO, I failed to notice that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!:)
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It´s teamwork buddy! by the way, I have learned a lot from you, from your insights and I enjoy your writing that goes from strenght to strenght by the day !
You are such an asset around the Forum. Plus, it´s so great to have a guy from Pernambuco around here, isn´t it? :P
great guys, I aprechiate all the help. Thanks for the tips and I am going to write it down hehehe.
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Se disser somente "Lady", dentro do contexto obviamente, já passa a ideia de "mulher de respeito".

"All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies".