Como dizer "Na raça" em inglês

Como dizer fazer alguma coisa na raça em inglês, por exemplo, aprendi isso na raça?

Thank you in advance!
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 53315 21 86 1249
Definição de na raça: com disposição, com brio, com energia, usando a força e o entusiasmo. (Aulete)

Para dizer fazer alguma coisa na raça em inglês, recomendo:

Put a lot of effort into doing something

Exemplos de uso:

  • I put a lot of effort into learning it. [Eu aprendi isso na raça.]
  • We put a lot of effort into winning. [Nós vencemos na raça.]

Bons estudos.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42685 6 33 752
I could stick to a dictionary entry/definition, but I think you would like something more elaborated (or then I am a bit of a babbler today...) he hee.

I learned English against all odds , I learned from my teachers, and despite them, because I had to navigate between what they shared to me.
That is, sometimes they got it right (pronounce for instance) and sometimes unfortunately they didn´t, anyway I dig it deeper and here I am, I learned wonders. Of course, I am grateful for what they passed on to me, and also happy for my willingness to learn the language.

I have learned English the hard way, for most of the time it was a self-taught thing. It took a lot of (self) motivation and willingness to find proper English and input. But where´s there a will there´s a way!

To learn English, I had to get out of my comfort zone, I had to work hard on it, sometimes I had to find a way forward, it doesn´t matter how difficult or how challenging it would be!

I learned English without any help (or without much help), it wasn´t effortless but the effort paid off/the effort has paid off.

And other ways.
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42685 6 33 752
And also; in Portuguese, there are other related ways to say that: "à força/à forceps/na marra", etc...