Como dizer "Não é bem assim" em inglês

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This is not quite the case/ It is not quite like that/ That is not so/ This is not how it is/ That's not really true/ It's not exactly

Scilly boatmen complain that their counterparts in Scotland fare better because they shout louder (Scilly fears costly transport links will leave it adrift, 5 June). This is not quite the case. Scottish boatmen and island communities fare better because they have a different government, one with priorities that are not City-centric. The Guardian

Philosophers may want to find order and purpose in everything, but prisoners know it's not quite like that, says Alan Smith. The Guardian

“That is the biggest epidemic that is facing us but people are tolerating it because they figure that this is what happens as a result of onward living but that is not so,” he said.

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It's not really a knife, but it looks like one.

Bons estudos.
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"Não é bem" uma faca, mas é parecida.
Nesse sentido.