Como dizer "nariz entupido" em inglês

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Stuffy nose = nariz entupido
Runny nose = nariz escorrendo
Bleeding nose = sangramento

My nose is always stuffy.

"If you have a cold or some other reason that completely stuffs up both sides of your nose, there's a simple remedy to clear up ONE SIDE of your nose in a matter of seconds...

Guys is correct to say: I have had bleeding nose since I came to the US or should I just say: my nose has bled since I came to the US ? ...waiting for answers from the experts

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You should probably use it in the plural, since it`s not a continuous occurrence:

I`ve had nose bleeds since coming to the US.

(One solution is to pinch your nose for a few minutes and it will stop. It's often due to the lack of humidity in heated houses -- extremely dry air.)

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Hi there!

Nasal congestion.

Take care,
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Adding to Henry's great answer:

For a one time event: I had a nose bleed., my nose started bleeding.

Another self-help tip: Put a piece of ice under the nose above your lip. That will also stop the bleeding.
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Ouvido entupido = Blocked ear canal

My ear canal is blocked since I caught a flu last week
(Meu ouvido está entupido desde que eu peguei uma gripe semana passada)
No google tradutor nariz entupido aparece como stuffy nose.

Contudo, de acordo com o Oxford Collocation (2003, pg. 526) nariz entupido apresenta uma combinação natural para blocked nose e congested nose.