Como dizer "ninguém merece" em inglês

Jacqueline 5
Como eu digo "ninguém merece" em inglês? Que tenha essa mesmo sentido como no Brasil? obg :roll:
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Alessandro 3580 3 11 83

Acredito que poderia ser: Nobody Deserves it!


Nobody Deserves!

Ou até

No way! (De jeito nenhum, sem chance.)

Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94

Vc tem certeza sobre o "Nobody deserves"? Confesso que me parece bastante incomum.

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
Nobody deserves this/that!
Nobody should have to put up with this/that!

Não me lembro de um contexto no qual "it" poderia ser usado.

Se o contexto for igual a: "tenha a santa paciência,ora essa,dá um tempo,vamos e venhamos,ora,faça-me o favor"podemos dizer "give me a break.

kind so!
sem frase

Na verdade, a expressão que melhor se encaixa é "Nobody wants it". Trecho da música Leave me alone de Michael Jackson: "Don't come beggin' me / Don't come lovin' me / I love you / I don't want it / I don't / Idon't ... Cheers ;)

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
I cannot agree with "Nobody wants it." I had a Mineira girlfriend whose favorite expression seemed to be "Ninguem merece." The idea seemed to be more along the lines of "I don't have to put up with this crap!" or "Nobody should have to accept this!" Temper, temper, temper....

Daniel.S 695 1 2 7
it makes sense Thomas..

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
Pondedaniel, her mother used to tell me, "Minha filha é muito brava, né?" And I would say, "Não, dona Leopoldinha! A filha da senhora é um anjo caido do ceu!" My sogrinha knew her daughter better than I did. What a temper! She gave me enough excitement, adventures and tragedy to write a TV mini-series for O Globo. It was quite a ride.

Donay Mendonça 61865 22 99 1502

It's too much hassle.

It's a real pain (in the neck).

jlmmelo 3080 10 79
Também acredito que a tradução mais correta seja "nobody deserves it!". Mas tem a palavra worth, como na música de Wanessa: Worth it.

When you see what you lost
You won't wanna pay the cost
You'll curse it
I`m so worth it
Just shut up! Let me say
Don`t throw it all away
We were perfect
I'm so worth it
I'm so worth it

I'm worth it

E se fosse "I´m not worth it?" Ou "I´m not worth the while?" ou "Nobody is worth the while?"

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
I'm not worth it?
Aren't I worth it?

jlmmelo 3080 10 79
Excuse me. After listening and reading all the music and words, it has nothing to do with "Nobody deserves it"

''Nobody deserves it'' é perfeito. por exemplo eu disse: Nobody deserves T-Mobile
daí minha host sister comentou: nossa, agora você falou tudo, super concordo!

Sarah Cornell
"You wouldn't treat a dog like that"...
(Nem um cão merece esse tratamento/essa atitude).

PPAULO 56865 6 43 1015
also: cut the crap. (or in some context Bull/bullsh*t ! depending on context), altough it´s not polite. But, in certain situations (the ones you have to say this one) who cares? :D

cut the crap

What one says to another to shut them up from lying, double talk, dancing around an issue, bullsh*tting them, etc. It lets one know you're not going along with or buying what they're saying and/or that you want them to tell the truth, get to the point, shoot straight in the conversation or confrontation.

PPAULO 56865 6 43 1015
Other "ninguém merece" reaction (said aloud in Portuguese) is when you are in traffic jam when you are getting to the airport/hospital/whateveter destination, so you will get there already frustrated, and you know beforehand that you will lose your plane, cancel your appointment etc.
You say "ninguém merece." as a way to "win an ally", to get the other passenger sympathy that understand the annoyance you are peeved about.

I don´t know in America, but perhaps the guy at the wheel might say "Damn it!" or "what the heck!" or if "what a stupid guy!" (if he is in hurry and another driver keeps going slow in the fast lane, for instance.)

Well, the imagery is that, let´s wait some comments more on that.

Sra_Tradutora 3350 6 75
Pode ser também "I wouldn't wish this on anyone"?

PPAULO 56865 6 43 1015
Yes, it could. It could be a third sense of sorts, slightly similar to the one I said.

Let´s think somebody run out of gas in a road, and he knows he have to travel to 20 km (~13 miles) on foot to the nearest gas station. When he discover this, he maybe will say "ninguém merece !"

Or somebody is travelling to a city 15 km away, and all of sudden he discover that a river flooded and flows over the road, no car is going to pass. He have to make a detour of 100 km (~60 miles or so). What he says? ninguém merece!

I wouldn´t wish this on anyone! :D

Other ways are possible as well, for instance, it´s everything I needed ! (in a ironical, satirical way, obviously.) :x