Como dizer "Opa" em inglês

Como se diz a interjeição opa em inglês?

Opa, errei!

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Avatar do usuário Thomas 14150 7 58 279
Oh, boy!
Out of sight!
Far out!
Tough enough!
Too much!
You rock!
Sweet! (very common at present in USA)
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Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 46710 21 71 1069
Olá Pedro,



Bons estudos.
And in a positive way?


1: Come here at my house, we can watch the game!
2: Opa!
Eu vi Groovy nesta frase -- Groovy 70's LOOKBOOK

Seria Opa, lookbook dos anos 70? Não seria outra palavra?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 37040 5 31 649
Hello there, Iza!
Not in this case, in the 60´s "groovy" stood for "excellent/cool/awesome", so in this specific case my educated guess is that it had to do with the looks/style of the 70´s. That is, it come to be a trend/style in the 70´s. Certain types of looks were the fashion trends.