Como dizer "para nossa alegria" em inglês

DHST 695 1 2 14
Pessoal, o novo "meme" me deu a ideia de fazer essa pergunta. Há outras opções?

To our joy

O que dizem vocês?
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13 respostas
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Marcio_Farias 12580 1 23 212
"Satisfaction" envolve "joy", então "To our entire satisfaction".

to our happyness ???

"To our amusement"

OceanMind 10
Maybe "to our rapture".

Rick Ant
what about: "for our delight"?

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
TO OUR HAPPINESS, TO OUR RAPTURE... I would not recommend these.

TO OUR AMUSEMENT = The meaning is quite different. It is often used when someone makes a stupid mistake. "To our amusement, he called the President 'Mr. Abomb'."

For our rejoicing! For our pleasure!

Thomas 14740 7 59 287
Are you guys SURE that you have heard or read the use of these expressions?

Rick Ant
Thomas, you´re very intelligent and polite. It has always been a pleasure to follow some of your remarks especially the last one!


Thomas 14740 7 59 287
Rick, I truly try to be polite, but I still get into trouble. I wish I knew how to be more diplomatic. I really do. But what is a good way to tell someone, "Hey, dummy! You are re-inventing the English language!"

to our enjoyment acredito ser o mais correto

Flavia.lm 4075 1 10 94
what about

... in order for us to be happy


Hey Thomas!

Great comments, especially the last one.
Maybe someone unlike English language that the way it is.

Please, correct me.