Como dizer "Pesque-pague/pesqueiro" em inglês

anita 140 6
Hi, guys! Is there such a thing as "pesque-pague" in English? What about "pesqueiro"? I've found fishes-pays, but I thought it might be just a google thing. Please comment. Thanks!!!
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6 respostas
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Marcio_Farias 12560 1 23 212
I googled "fish and pay."

At a fish and pay lake or river you go fishing but you have to pay for that. I don't know how they charge people wanting to fish in a fish and pay lake/river. Do they charge people by the ton, by the kilo fished?

Henry Cunha 10140 3 16 181
You could probably call it a "commercial fishing pond" (not "fish pond" -- there's a difference), but you'd probably still need to explain that it's for customers to do their own fishing.

They are probably not very common in North America (I've never seen one), but here's an example of one in Texas:

"Upon arrival, you are greeted by a quaint guest house known as the “Fish House” and an inviting large stocked fishing pond featuring a bridge and multiple fishing docks (this was originally a commercial fishing pond and well known by the locals)." From

Daniel.S 675 1 2 7
Hi there!

fish and pay sounds great.

Ex: Yesterday, dad took me fishig so we went to a fish and pay lake and I caught five big fish.


Take care,


anita 140 6
Many thanks, you guys! Henry: what would be the difference between fishing pond and fish pond?

Henry Cunha 10140 3 16 181
I was afraid you were going to ask me that...but there is an explanation!

A fishing pond is a pond where one goes fishing.
A fish pond is a pond that has fishes.

Does that make sense to you?

(Just to confirm, what`s the difference between a "travel salesperson" and a "traveling salesperson"?)

Daniel.S 675 1 2 7

a fishing pond is a pond where one can go fishing and a fish pond is basically an artificial lake (sort of reservoir) which one may or may not go fishing depending on its local rules, its purpose and mainly a would-be policy.



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