Como dizer "Procedente / Improcedente" em inglês

Letícia Chagas
How could I say "a reclamação procede/não procede" in English?

The words "procedente" and "improcedente" have a strong meaning in Portuguese. It means the request/complain is not grounded, excessive or unjustified.

I found out the following terms:
  • Founded/unfounded;
  • Accepted/rejected;
  • Justified/unjustified;
  • Reasonable/unreasonable
Which one would be formal or common for a customer service company to use in their process?

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You would find articles with justified/unjustified, accept, they also will say that the customer has/doesn´t have grounds for complaint (obviously in person or in the relationship customers they won´t outright say that .)

One likely answer would be:
In the case of I refer to prior conversations regarding this issue. As previously verbally advised, we have investigated your complaint in detail.

No verifiable grounds for this complaint have been found. According to information provided from yourself and our staff, no material loss or injury to yourself or your interests appears to have occurred.

We therefore see no reason to take any further action in this matter. ... laint.html

Of course (here) to the case of an ungrounded and verified complaint. But you can crawl within the web and see some other ways to deal with the subject. This one was a case of answering in writing.
In person you would thank the feedback and probably say what actions is going to be taken, the complaint-taker (my words here) would try to establish a good rapport with the customer(s)/client(s)/patrons in the process.

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I would add another suggestion: