Como dizer "Pseudônimo" em inglês

Nom de plume/ Pseudonym

JK Rowling has spoken of the "liberating experience" of adopting a nom de plume after it was revealed that the Harry Potter creator was behind a critically acclaimed crime novel published under the name Robert Galbraith. The Guardian

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Sra_Tradutora 6 75
And in the case of authors, like JK Rowling, the "nom de plume" is also called a "pen name" (the literal translation of the French term). When it comes to computer names (like Sra_Tradutora), we use the term "alias".
Sra_Tradutora 6 75
Sra_Tradutora escreveu:When it comes to computer names (like Sra_Tradutora), we use the term "alias".
And "username" or "user name" as well.
I asked Sra_Tradutora about "code name" if it was used or not, and here is her answer to my question:
Sra_Tradutora escreveu:
Yeah, "code name" is used too. I hadn't thought of it. You could add it as a reply on the forum, but it's specifically for spies and people who do undercover operations. And these undercover operations themselves sometimes have code names as well.

For example, Deep Throat was the code name for one of the Watergate informants. In this Wikipedia article, they used the word "pseudonym", which is a more general term and can be used in all contexts, including computer usernames.

And in the case of the operations themselves:
"In 2003, for example, the European Union conducted a military operation (code name Artemis) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and in 2004 it began a peacekeeping operation (code name Althea) in Bosnia and Herzegovina."
Thank you, Sra_Tradutora.