Como dizer "Queda de performance (rendimento)" em inglês

Daniel Reis 975 1 16
Olá pessoal,

Vejam o exemplo abaixo:

Devido ao forte calor é normal termos uma queda de rendimento/performance.

Algo similar em Inglês?

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11 respostas
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PPAULO 49505 6 42 890
The heat drains our energy, at the end of the day we feel exhausted, that´s normal.

It´s normal that when the ambient temperature is (unusually) hot, the heat impact our productivity/harm our productivity. ... nergy.html

Donay Mendonça 58570 21 97 1411
Para dizer "queda de performance", "queda de rendimento" em inglês, no contexto apresentado, sugiro "...not perform as well as...".

Perform: definition: (thefreedictionary): to function or accomplish something as expected or required:

A car that performs well on curves. [coisas]
Workers not performing up to standard. [pessoas]

If you don't perform as well as expected. []
Se você tem um rendimento abaixo do esperado.
Se você tem uma queda de rendimento.

Exemplo da pergunta:

Devido ao forte calor é normal termos uma queda de rendimento/performance.
Due to the very hot weather, it's normal for you not to perform as well as you expect.

Bons estudos.

jorgeluiz 4495 1 6 91
underachieve, underperform - perform less well or with less success than expected; "John consistently underachieves, although he is very able"; "My stocks underperformed last year"

ana rita lima 40 1
Poderá ser dessa forma também:

There was a drop off on performance of some athletes or
There was a decrease on performance of some athletes

PPAULO 49505 6 42 890
There was a decrease in the performance of some athletes. (to be honest, "decrease" sounds a bit academical or formal, but then, it´s not wrong at all.)

Here you can see how they use more informal ways:

Read more at ... m1WMvWC.99
...he was unable to perform to his ability – leading to the veteran's release.

...He had a great gesture saying he wasn't being the player he could be right now," Bittencourt said.
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PPAULO 49505 6 42 890
To Ana Rita example, I would suggest: "there was a drop off in performance...". Very good examples though.

Marcio_Farias 12540 1 23 211
Mais dois exemplos:

"Performance fell off sharply/markedly/dramatically."
"Performance has fallen off..."

Breckenfeld 5140 1 15 110
My suggestion:

The strong heat usually takes a toll on our performance.


Zumstein 11305 1 23 364
Pep Guardiola disse:

Individual errors are not the reason for City's slump in form para queda de rendimento.

Também tem City's dip in form para a baixa de rendimento do Manchester City.

Marcio_Farias 12540 1 23 211
Yes, Z, that seems acceptable too.

felipeh6 2250 7 55
My suggestion:

Due a scorching heat, we have lost performance.


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