Como dizer "quero afastá-la " em inglês

Ola ,

Gostaria de saber como posso dizer a seguinte expressao " quero afasta-la do departamento porque ela nao e competente"

Obrigado pela ajuda

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Avatar do usuário Marcio_Farias 12450 1 22 210
  1. "I want to remove her from the department because she is not competent."
  2. "I want to remove her from the department because she 1) always comes/turns up late for work; 2) has not lived up to the department's expectations; 3) embezzled more than US$ 1 million from the company; 4) shot the department's manager to death etc."
De acordo com a minha matemática, considero a opção "a" fraca; outros poderão discordar, veementemente, da opção "b".
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 43025 6 33 758
It could be for example, "I don´t want her in the Department.".
But then, there is almost no context, then we are left to scramble for an answer or situation that may or may not match what you meant.
To illustrate the point, it could be that she is doing a terrible job, her human relation skills are poor (she doesn´t get well with her peers and superiors), or perhaps it´s about her poor/low performance (but then it can be simply that she doesn´t provide or isn´t used to give proper feedback...).

Another way to say that is "I want her out of the Department (a) or "I don´t want her working at the Department". Of course, there are subtlies that are lacking, say, that could be said by a boss, but what if it was a supervisor talking? The statement was said in an official capacity or in informal ways? In this case small changes in the context make quite a difference to the answer!
A supervisor could talk the boss into consider making a transfer of the said employee to another Department. So, saying I want her out of the Department could be impolite, or "burn her", or have other implications.
Avatar do usuário Flavia.lm 3940 1 9 89
" quero afasta-la do departamento porque ela nao e competente"

Eu gostaria de mais contexto.

Se ela vai ser transferida para outro departamento: I want that she be transferred because she is not competent

Se ela vai ser demitida: I want to fire her (...)

Se você vai só afasta-la das atividades principais: I want to put her aside of this project (...)