Como dizer "resolver os problemas entre eles" em inglês

Eu acho que em vez de os países fazerem guerra, eles deveriam jogar uma partida de futebol para resolver os problemas entre eles.
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Some options (usage may vary depending on context):

To settle differences / disagreements / problems / etc.
To resolve differences
To make peace
To compromise
To reach a (peace) settlement / compromise / agreement / etc.
To smooth things over
To patch things up

"Instead of going to war, countries should take part in a soccer match to settle their differences".

"Let's not fight, but resolve our differences over a cup of tea instead".

"After many years of incessant fighting, they finally patched things up and became friends again".

"I've been trying to smooth things over between my sister and my brother-in-law for quite some time now".

"The two countries have finally reached a peace settlement after almost five decades of diplomatic wrangling".

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Yes, it would be good if rather than going to war, countries would settle their differences over a soccer match instead".

That reminded me of two African countries, that stopped a war (a truce) to watch Pele playing soccer.

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