Como dizer "Se queixar" em inglês

Olá comunidade. Gostaria de saber dizer a expressão "se queixar".

Frases exemplos:
Pedro, não fique se queixando por coisas à toa.
Motoristas voltam a se queixar de arrombamento de carros no DF.

Atenção: as frases não carregam, por si só, cunho extra-didático.

Thank you in advance.
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To #1 you can express with "stop complaining about small things/everything."
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To #2:
In the Federal District [1] there has been a spike/rise/increase/rash of car break-ins lately.

[1] in Brazilia - the capital of Brazil.
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I was going to forget about a small comment on #2. The said rise in car break-ins is not much related to the "driving" per se. I mean, one could think that the break-ins is related to the "driver perception" or that it has to do the fact of being a driver.
Thus, I didn´t use "driver" in the translation, I kept it as a fact that happens in the neighbourhood/area/city, unrelated with the driver perception.
Even someone that doesn´t have a car would feel the pinch, if he/she had left something, some valuables in the car. So, the fact of being an event that touches the "feeling of security" (and indeed the lack of it) takes precedence over the fact of something of drivers or of car owners.
But it´s me, it could be translated and expressed in many other ways.