Como dizer "segunda pele" em inglês

Como se diz segunda pele em inglês, aquela blusa fina que se usa por baixo da roupa do mesmo tecido da meia calça. Obrigada gente!

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20 respostas
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Well if I am thinking what you tought, it would be:

Compression short sleeve shirt.
Compression (skin) shirtsleeve.

Under armour heat gear ... weight-tee

Under armour heat gear ... weight-tee

There are also (compression) shorts, for men. I think the skin colour you talked about is this one? on the secon site?

http://image-load-balancer.worldsportsh ... 96.BRN.jpg

All of those, generally have some porcentage or other of nylon and spandex in it.
The colour may vary, these brown, to my thinking was close to the skin colour you said, if we think of the colours of compression pantyhoses or stockings.

On the other hand, when you say "skin colour", you tought about "brown", don´t you? Altough, we know that there are people that quite white, England china-skin, kinda.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Little correction:
...have some percentage or other of nylon and spandex in it.
Second skin (suit)

PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yep, being that the "second skin/body suits" wrap the entire body.
These are used mostly to go to parties... ... stume.html

And even the ones used with medical purposes ... layed.html

The latter don´t go under one´s clothes (normally), but it´s good to know, anyway.
Telma Regina 9 61 593
Eu conheço como: Thermal

Thermal top

Thermal underwear

Thermal knit underwear

Base layers and Thermal clothing

Base layer clothing ... -W118.aspx
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Judy Friedkin 2 23
I don't know what segunda pele means other than the literal translation 2nd skin, but I did want to comment on some things that were written here. Usually compression clothing is used for medical reasons. I really have never heard anyone talk about compression clothing. I have heard of compression stockings for circulation problems and compression sleeves for people with problems after mastectomies. Anyway that is a specialized clothing. I never heard of armor heat gear. It seems you found it online somewhere but it is also something specialized for what, I have no idea! Thermal clothing is to wear under your clothing if it is very cold outside. We call those tops and pants thermal underwear or "long johns". They are only worn in extremely cold weather. We don't use the term base layer clothing, maybe you mean underwear. Body suits are tight lycra stretchy ,leotards and tights but in one piece and are worn with a skirt for woman and possibly used for sports. However if a woman wears a body suit , it can be worn anywhere and they are not especially used at parties although you could wear it to a party.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Well, we have to take your word for it.
In fact these words we brought were from comercial sites and "from the streets", sort of.
Problem is, it´s what we have for the time being, since they didn´t make to "mainstream" dictionaries and we have the question to answer.
Perhaps the clothes you have told specialized are slowly going now to almost normal use, for example, by outdoor athletes (and even by people that drive jet-skis on weekends etc).
To illustrate the point, on December 1986, a child of mine (and seven friends of him) was burnt by a gas bottle explosion on the street and after the initial recovery (15 days after the event or so) he was sent home. Then we, as required, bought an sporty-long-sleeved shirt wich blocked UV rays, so he could go to school with it and a cap. His face, arms and shoulders had white patches
that if touched by UVs it would turn into brown marks.
Thing is, these shorts were sold to athletes and jet ski owners to avoid the parching sun of Northeast region.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
In fact without wearing one, a guy goes to the beach or to ride a jet sky aged 19 y.o. and comes back, at night, morphed into a 49 y.o. guy!
Judy Friedkin 2 23
LOL! That is true about lycra. I put some lycra tights on under a rather snug dress today for just that reason. I also wear UV tee shirts and shorts over my bathing suit so I don't get any sun. I also have long pants with uv. I bought when I was being treated with chemo because I wasn't supposed to go in the sun at all. I never had the nerve to wear them in our pool though. I just went in early or late in the day.They still have the tags on them. Hope your child is totally recovered now.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yes, he´s totally recovered now, no patches, the skin wholly healed. Seeing him now, nobody could say he was ever burnt. He is well enough to be a handful! you know teen age!
My wife had that breast surgery as well, underwent chemo, radio and now have some kind of shots every fifteen or twenty something days (an experimental treatment, in order to prevent relapses, if any). 2012-13 was a hectic lenght of time to me, indeed. Anyway, I am used to stress, and I have the feeling of support from my friends, bosses, family and people that I chance to meet.
And, given the circumstances, she is leading a pretty normal life, and we too.
Ah, you gave me a good idea that I hadn´t tought of, to buy her an anti-UV t-shirt. She was using some Avon creams to that end.
Thanks for answering, and sharing your views and insights.
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Judy Friedkin 2 23
Hmm, I never heard of the shots. that sounds interesting. Once I was at my oncologist's for an office visit and he had 3 young physicians following him for that month. He asked me if they could be present for my visit and I said ok. He introduced me to them and said this is so and so and he is here from Brazil. I started to speak to the young doctor in Portuguese. My onc was "floored". He is never very personal and he said, "How and why in the world do you speak Portuguese. It was funny. Anyway this doctor from Brazil who was a breast cancer specialist said that things were done very differently in Brazil from the way they are done here. I take a pill everyday for 5 years after I finished all of the above treatments plus a year of herceptin. I have a lot of bad side effects from the pills so I am trying to hang on and keep taking the pills to give myself a better chance. I have managed to spend a month in Italy studying Italian and I am now finishing up my month in France studying French so I am trying to lead a normal life now, but I have to say bc is a monster. Glad things are going well.
Long underwear, also called long johns or thermal underwear, is a style of two-piece underwear with long legs and long sleeves that is normally worn during cold weather. It is commonly worn by people in cold countries. Wikipedia
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Thanks for sharing, Simon.


Hi Judy, “scusi” sorry for answering a bit late, yesterday I had to go out and when I got back I realized it was even later for you (Paris is on DST, daylight-saving time, so the time zone is the CEST right now.). So I tought it could be answered later. You wouldn´t be reading at such hours, LOL.
Well, I saw her prescrition and learned that it is herceptin (commercial name Tranzumab). However I don´t know if it is combined with other medicine, but seems like it´s not. It will be for a year as well.
By the way, I myself got overwhelmed by knowing you are such an skilled language savvy, but then I had seen your being loudly praised somewhere else in this Forum! He he.
Anyway I wouldn´t be surprised if you would go “Je parle français bien.” or “Sprechen Sie Deutch?” or would speak any other language, you seems like the sort of highly skilled linguist. By the by, there more and more people speaking Portuguese these days, that´s my feeling, at least.
Here, in Rio it´s a melting pot of languages, and I have seen people speaking in their languages, people from abroad even in places I never hadn´t seen ever, for example in Natal streets and in a Joao Pessoa Mall some years ago, but a bit recent .
She goes to the hospital every twenty one days, just the same cycle (period) that chemo was. No side effect that I know of. She have to drink a lot of water, to hidrate the skin, but they say it´s the the chemo and radio remaining effect.
Don´t know if she is strong(er) but many side effects she didn´t experienced, and many she didn´t felt as their friends did. As you said, glad things are going well. She is leading a normal life, today even went out, to a friend hairdresser get her hair styled. ... er-de-mama ... 8/fulltext ... ast-Cancer ... -06-28.htm
herceptin (transtuzumab it says here)
Judy Friedkin 2 23
LOL! I am not really a linguist. I speak fluent Spanish and I taught it so I can claim to speak Spanish. My Portuguese could get me around anywhere in Brazil. It is very close to Spanish. However , it is not that correct. With all the fiz, faz, I never get them straight. My teachers say I am advanced but I would say I am intermediate. In French I placed very high at this school. There are 9 levels and I placed in the 7th intermediate 4. After mine is Adv. 1 and Adv 2. However I am the worst in the class but I am happy I am in it We have the director as the teacher who normally doesn't teach but is because someone retired and they haven't found a replacement yet. He has a wonderful sense of humor and also is a fabulous teacher. So I am happy I am in this class even if I can't imagine how they put me in it. Italian is new for me. I ended up in their most advanced class just because I was at the level of the others there but we were in no way advanced. Right now I have forgotten it all but I will get it back when I get home.

I had the Herceptin every 3 weeks and it was not an injection. It was given just like the chemo, even in the same chemo suite. It only takes an hour to get it where as chemo took several hours. You don't feel anything from it like you do from chemo but it can effect your heart so they should be monitoring her heart with and echo cardiogram every 3 months and she should have had a baseline before she started that treatment. I ended mine last April. It sounds like she is getting very good treatment in Rio. Little by little you get your life back. She will be doing more and more everyday. Her BC was what we call Her2 positive. That is why she is getting Herceptin.
Oh, by the way, it is very rare to speak Portuguese in the US . There are some Brazilians in a part of my city which is about an hour from me so I never get the chance to speak. In Florida , there are lots of Brazilians. I had to laugh because I was in Starbucks ,a coffee shop chain here ,and I met a Brazilian family from Curitiba who were on vacation this winter. I went up to them and spoke to them In Portuguese and I think they thought it was normal for people in Phila. or the states to speak it because they didn't even ask me why I could speak it. That made me laugh. I told them I was planning to go to school in Florianopolis this winter and they invited me for a weekend which is really nice of them. Right now, I am sick of school, but I may go there for just a month in Feb or March and then to Rio for about 5 nights. I love Rio!!! Bom Dia . Tchau.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yep, the echocardiogram and all that jazz, was just like you said, very similar path here, looks like you are talking about her story!
When you get to Rio please let us know, and let us know your experience here. I know these tours are very very fast, and people get hurried from a place to another, more so in March. But, at least I can go to the port, or airport and introduce her to you, my English is almost nonexistent, haha, but we can mix Portuguese, some Spanish and English to see how it gets. I can get by in all of three a little, yet not that good.
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Judy Friedkin 2 23
I think your English is great! We would , of course, speak in Port and English so we both get to practice! Right now, as I am tired from 2 months in language schools, I am not sure about the trip. Probably 2 weeks after I get home , I will be wanting to travel again so lets see. That would be fun if we could meet in Rio!!!! I spent a couple months in Rio before, so I wouldn't be doing tours. I would just like to see it again so many years later. :)
Blusas e shorts de compressão são muito usados na prática de esportes. A compressão esquenta e estabiliza os músculos aumentando o desempenho além de proteger contra assaduras devido ao atrito.

A Under Armour é uma marca especializada nestas roupas (e outras esportivas claro) eles tem várias lojas, mas a nike, adidas etc também vendem. m termo que as vezes é usados para compression shirts é rashguards.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Yep, let´s things happen, and yes I agree that to meet in Rio would be great!
Let´s see, though. You are welcome to our second capitol (the first Brazilian capitol was Salvador.) LOL.
By the way, I am seeing it again, I had moved to the Northeast region and lived there for some six years, now got back. Here since 2012.
Judy Friedkin 2 23
I've been to Brazil before and saw all of the main cities including Salvador. I probably have been to more cities than the average Brazilian or at least that is what they me. I am only going to Florianopolis and Rio and if my friends from other places want to see me I hope they will come to either of them. I don't want to travel anymore. I just like to study some place but I couldn't miss a chance to be in Rio again !
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
You will be welcome, Judy. And I am impressed, I bet you have been to more cities than I did. I for one, never been to Floripa or Salvador, just traveled in passing close to both of them. It wasn´t for fun, but on business. Anyway I could talk to people and get to know a bit of their way of living. It´s interesting how in the Southeast-South region, the language changes, kind of, there are words peculiar to Sao Paulo, then Curitiba, Rio Grande etc.
Speaking of Sao Paulo, I never been to it, not to stay. It was just in passing, by night, going to Santos, once.
Brazil is nice country indeed.
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