Como dizer "Selvageria no país da Copa" em inglês

Savagery in the country of the World Cup

A sentence that sums up the incident in the last match at Arena Joinville is: savagery in the country of the World Cup.

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PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I would go for "a foretold tragedy." or "a problem waiting to happen." etc.
That´s what happens when they mix the so called "sport" and "fighting academies" sponsored for soccer clubs, and others sport clubs.
What bother me (and wonder me), is that newspapers make the headlines as it was "soccer fans that rioted". You can see that these are guys that are gym worms and their academies (gyms) are related to team followers groups.
No no no, this is expected, it happens almost every Sunday in the major capitals in Brazil, and the state police is always in the vicinities of the stadiums. Inside the stadiums as well.
There was and there is a conflict of interest here, soccer teams and soccer businessmen makes a lot of money of it, and they don´t invest in security. It´s not of interest for them.
The federal government squeezes the states, and centralizes the actions related to money coming from taxes, the budget etc. So, the states are doing what they are supposed to; they take offer security outside the stadiums. This way, forcing the fat cats to use some of their fat to invest in security.

This is not going to happen, they are going to say that the police is at fault. In Joinville the police got hand-tied. Tthey can´t say the state governor made such a prohibition, it´s their boss. In turn, the private security is not trained, certainly the law don´t allow them to learn how to use rubber bullets, pepper spray and tear gas.
Then the state governors use the police, state helicopters and all that jazz, the police gets applauded and the governor and soccer managers say it was a shame.

However, don´t worry about the World Cup, certainly the federal government will get the army, the National Force, whatever it takes and everything will be under control. At most, the soccer fan will get a strong whiff of the tear gas, since the new batch newly bought is twice stronger that the one used in the last street riots. In other words, it can be lethal.
The very fact of the pictures being taken and being splashed all over the world, would be of help to nab at least thirty rioters at the least, this is not going to happen, though. In some European countries, they wouldn´t even get anywhere near the stadium, would get a restriction order long ago. By the way, as far as I know, no real soccer fan was hit in the event.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
By the way, so foretold, that I read somewhere that the Atletico-PR site had informed that they were not going to sell tickets to children and women.
The women that were there, were married or had their ticket bought by some friend.
Both groups of soccer "fans" fighters had made some sort of "appointment" to meet in the stadium and make a mess, just for the sake of it.

Vasco had no chance of going up in the rank, it was fated to go to B league, it was playing just for pride. And Atletico was going to play just to complete the schedule, it could lose by a margin of two goals, if I am not mistaken. ... -joinville