Como dizer "sendo sincero" em inglês

Eu não sei como se fala "sendo sincero" em inglês, já procurei em um monte de sites de tradução e nenhuma resposta me agradou.

Eu quero falar algo para alguém, sendo sincero.
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Another way to express that is with "being a straightforward person":
A straightforward person is straightforward about everything, the good the bad the satisfaction and the frustration.
You can trust their honest opinion:
They’re not the type of people to tell you that a shirt looks good on you just to make you happy. If it looks crappy, they’ll say so.

You can be a straightforward person, and say so of yourself. I am pointing that out, because the examples are mentioning others.

I already answered above. I am sorry that the answer is not exactly what you were looking for, but I am being straightforward with you.

I am being straightforward with you. How about you be straightforward with me?
I am giving you one chance to be honest.

There is also the word "outspoken" (also - "sincero/franco") but it is more usually used when expressing strong opinion (even if others disagree with you), sometimes even without worrying if others will get offended. It´s also a way of being direct and open in speech or expression. But there is that nuance that I have just explained.

56010 6 43 1005
Making a broad question would lead to a lengthy answer and still don´t get to the bottom of the matter at hand. So chances are that we won´t provide satisfactory answers either (try as we might).

In generic ways, using "to be honest/frank/in all honesty" (and other ways) would do.
Another context is that of "being honest and open" about something, it would give to the other the impression of authenticity and integrity. In such way you are being sincere, even if you have different views and opinions about something.
"Speaking from the heart" - (sometimes that means saying directly what you say without beating around the bush) and being direct and to the point.
Now the ball is in your court, feel free to make follow-up questions and dig deeper. Providing a context could narrow the possibilities to get the right answer and get it faster. ;-)