Como dizer "Tirar a barriga da miséria" em inglês

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Tirar a barriga da miséria em inglês: To eat your fill

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We ate our fill and were happy to take home leftovers.
Nós tiramos a barriga da miséria e ficamos contentes de levar umas sobras para casa.

If you want to eat your fill but avoid the extra calories that come with fried foods, Gulf Shores Steamer is the place for you.
Se você quer tirar a barriga da miséria mas evitar as calorias extras que acompanham frituras, Gulf Shores Steamer é o lugar certo para você.

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comer até ficar triste?
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 10040 3 16 178
Thomas escreveu:comer até ficar triste?

No. Relieve your belly from its hunger misery.
I have seen "stuff your face" as to eat a lot of food in a hungry and quickly manner.
In Portuguese can be "enche a pança".
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 46105 6 35 813
"Comer até ficar triste" could be two things. The first, would be to eat very much in a sitting, to the point of getting sleepy after the meal.
That is said also after somebody having eaten heavy food too much, for example, after a "feijoada" which gets the eater full and sleepy as well.
Would be the equivalent to the lions, which after having feasted up over a prey they get so sleepy that they lose the rest to other animals.
''Comer até ficar triste" would involve the slowing of metabolism, sort of. Not a good thing, for example, when someone hits the road !