Como dizer "todas as opções parecem boas para mim" em inglês


Tenho dúvida se "todas as opções parecem boas para mim" fica "All the options seem so good to me" ou All the options seems so good to me". Como uso o Seem e Seems nesse caso?

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"Todas as opções parecem..." = "eles parecem..." = "All the options seem..." - "They seem...". Tem que conjugar pelo terceira pessoa plural;

I seem
You seem
He/She/It seems
We seem
You (pl) seem
They seem

Por isso que tem que usar "seem" aqui
Olá, Alceu!

Pelo que sei, o correto seria "All the options seem so good to me". Isso porque o sujeito está na terceira pessoal do plural, they, então o verbo permanece no infinitivo.
Se a frase fosse assim: "That option seems so godd to me", precisaria usar o verbo com "s" no fim. Quando o sujeito está na terceira pessoa do singular, he, she ou it, o verbo precisa estar com um "s" no fim.
Lembre-se que essa regra não se aplica quando a oração está no passado.
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I agree with you, and one more reason to do so is that with (a)"all + noun = we can use All with a plural noun to make a generalization about an entire group of something." and then this ALL (b) "refers to the total number of people or things of a group. They are considered as a group and not individually. There are minimum three things in the group." Although, for effect of the rule, I would say that with two things it also works, taking (a) on account.

To many it would be tricky because there´s a rule that goes "when we are saying that as totality of items in consideration". Okay, but in the sentence "All the options seem so good to me." we are talking as if we are going to evaluate "one by one" to give the answer, not the totality. So, we can´t think the group as one whole to give the answer, the answer comes after considering all and every answer first.

The totality thing is very usual (and works well) with abstract notions, as in:
"Don't cry! All that matters is that you are safe."
Thus, in such case one would use the verb matters in the singular form. ... v266.shtml