Como dizer "tombo" em inglês

How do you say "tombo" in English?
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Olá Camila,

Tombo= Fall

Ex: They had a fall. (Eles levaram um tombo.)
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Hi, folks. You can also say: tumble or spill
I took a nasty fall.
Took a hard fall.
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And there are also the "tombos" survey markers -benchmarks, boundary markers and the legal cadastral markers (of parcels of lands) etc. Used for demarcation purposes, at least in the old days. ... 9997bc.jpg
Take a spill se enquadra?

...and the kateboard and took a huge spill and flat right on his back.
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Yes it could be "levar um tombo/levar uma queda" usually a drop, off something or somewhere else.
For example, falling off a horse/a bycicle -by definition from the Cambridge Dictionary.

But now it´s becoming synonym with any kind of tripping, slipping, falling, dropping, etc.
One can see that from the hits from searches on some search machine (Google/Yahoo, etc), looking for images.
Stumble is another option.